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    Wall-installation, at the exhibition Esplanaden 2002, Charlottenborg Exhibition hall. 2002. 120 prints, each 42 cm x 29,7 cm. The prints are computer-manipulated photographs.

    ”Browsing in Zoological Reading-Society” is a collection of 120 visual registrations of books, which have in common that their titles contain words of animals.

    The work was presented as a wall installation in a corner. You could say, as if it was 2 pages of a big open book. Next to the wall of prints a short text told the story about a Zoological Reading Society. This story is pure fiction, but is written in an official and historical way, as if this society really exists and can be visited in the Zoo in Copenhagen.

    During spring 2002, I collected 300 books in this title-category. The collection contains mainly books of fiction, poetry and drama-documentary, but no fauna books. The collection and the fiction was presented as an installation in another exhibition, BRØL, in Zoo simultaneously with the exhibition, Esplanaden 2002, at Charlottenborg Exhibition hall, Copenhagen.

    This work is a kind of a hypothetical ”index” of a possible reading society and its library. It’s an idiosyncratic and absurd classification of books referring to constructions of archival processes and memory. Constructions that both can be very private and social related at the same time. It contains ideas about how to deal with conventional systems for understanding nature and culture by creating “non-systems” within a fictional frame.

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