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  • Photo Documentation: Exhibition, “Site-seeing - The Disneyfication of Cities”, Künstlerhaus Vienna

    Collaboration with Sofie Thorsen.
    Installation - 4500 photos mounted at wooden blocks, a graphic topology with recommended sites in Vienna, and files with information from tourists we interviewed.
    “Site-seeing - The Disneyfication of Cities”, Künstlerhaus Vienna. Austria, 2002.

    “When we are tourists elsewhere seeing the sights, how often do we stop and wonder who chose the sights we are seeing and how they have been constructed for us?”
    Lucy R. Lippard, On The Beaten Track

    During 8 days, 2002 we researched in Vienna’s constructions of tourism. We were interested in ideas about how visual memory functions concerning the activity of the tourist-photography. We investigated how tourists orientate in the tourist-areas/attractions of Vienna and how this is related to the navigation-paths that the tourist-industry creates. We asked a number of tourists which sites they could recommend us to photograph.

    The 4500 images in this photo archive are those photos tourists possibly would have been taken and brought with them home. They were mounted on wooden blocks, installed on tables at the art hall and distributed to the visitors during the exhibition period. The wall diagram was a cross-reference-system of the recommendations we got - as a kind of idiosyncratic topology. The wall with the printed files contained information from interviews with the tourists, and referred to the statistic approach of how to understand orientation in space and travel activity. The whole installation was a temporary collection of images, which the tourists normally take with them home in their cameras. But here they ended up in the local area where the tourist’s photos and the desire of re-collecting sites and experiences once were produced.