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  • Photo Documentation: Exhibition, WWW.Women2003

    Collaboration with Karoline Larsen.
    Billboard. Photo montage with text. Presented at “WWW.Women2003” - 100 female artists presented billboards in public spaces in and around Copenhagen, 2003. Arr. by Hanne Lise Thomsen.

    “Hommage” is a project about the lack of representation of historical important women in public space. In the tradition of writing history through monuments in city space the male figure has always been a very dominating fact. We noticed in our research about the gender representation in historical monuments in Denmark, that out of all the monuments in Denmark only 28 women are represented. 19 of these are royal figures and 9 are not royal. So few women have been assumed worth remembering in this way. We started to read about women who lived in the same periods as the men who are represented through the monuments in public space of Copenhagen. Here we selected 22 male monuments which are located in central Copenhagen to work with as images. We placed on each computer manipulated image a text about a women who we found specific interesting and forgotten in the historical representation. Each woman lived in the same period as the male figure represented.
    We consider the billboard as an image of those women who could just as well have been remembered as the men represented in historical monuments. The Billboard was placed in a historical part of Copenhagen, close to one of the monuments that is included at the billboard. On the website, we listed all the women represented on the billboard and facts about their importance in history. (See webpage www.women2003.dk for more information)