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  • Photo Documentation: Exhibition, Literature Festival, Center for Eksperimenterende Kunst

    Installation: 20 C-prints of people holding books in their hands on the doorstep to their private homes on a black table with glass on top. 500 posters, postcards & Ex Libris in stacks, distributed for free at the exhibition and at different libraries in towns which hosted a literature festival. “Med Andre Ord”, Litteratur Festival 2005, Center for Eksperimenterende Kunst. Arr. Astrid Gjersing, Børkop, Vejle, 2005.

    The work is based on 20 visits at private doorsteps in the town Børkop, Vejle where an exhibition for a literature festival took place. Center for Eksperimenterende Kunst invited several artists to develop a site related project within the context of the festival of literature.

    I suggested a project that investigated how people in the area were dealing with ideas about reading, literature and home libraries. For 1 week I paid local inhabitants visits and initiated conversations about topics related to the exchange of experiences with literature. All were photographed with a book in their hands on their doorstep to their homes. Each received a C-print for their participation in the project. The books photographed were the recommendations to their neighbour to read on behalf of my question:

    “If you were asked to give your neighbour a book, which one would you then choose to give away from your home library?”

    Examples of C-prints:

    Installation view:

    C-prints, postcards and ExLibris: