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  • Photo Documentation: Permanent installation, Ballerup Library

    Wall-Installation. 54 C-prints photomontages (Mounted lambdaprints), 5 books on a shelf with 200 texts edited from interviews with 70 children in Ballerup.
    I was asked to do a site related work for the Children Library in Ballerup, DK. 2004. The task was to involve children in the process to make them reflect about their town. For 2 months I researched at childrens outdoor playground institutions in Ballerup. I noticed the town is wellknown for these institutions and that kids here are extremely active in creating ideas about social spaces. They are in danish called “byggelegepladser”, which means that the children here construct their own houses and keep animals. During the work I interviewed about 70 kids where we talked about their place, their fantasies about future, history and space in relation to Ballerup.

    Installation view:
    (See seperate montages in other section)

    Total view in the library. Installation at the end of the room:

    Details of the installation:

    Close up view:

    Close up view with books:

    Close up view with books: