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  • Press Release: White Chapel Project Space

    Whitechapel Project Space
    20 Fordham Street London E1 1HS
    Thursday – Sunday 13.00-18.00 hrs
    Opening 25 June 18.00-21.00 hrs
    Gallery talk 29 June 16.00 hrs

    definitively provisional
    26 June – 20 July 2003

    ”The library is unlimited and cyclical. If an eternal traveller were to cross it in any direction, after centuries he would see the same volumes were repeated in the same disorder (which, thus repeated, would be an order: the Order).” Jorge Luis Borges

    definitively provisional will transform Whitechapel Project Space into an open access library containing works by more than 50 internationally renowned artists, writers, critics and curators. They have generously submitted statements, drawings, essays, outlines, diagrams, maps, publications and other kinds of paper-based material that reflect their practice within the context of the library, as they perceive it.

    The project space will be converted into an intimate reading room where the users are invited not only to have a hands-on encounter with art works and art related approaches to research, they are also encouraged to refile the material in a way that makes sense to them. That is, if they believe a text should be next to an essay that should be next to a map, then that’s the way the library will look until the next user comes along. You are making your own library every time you use a library, continuously transforming information into knowledge. This library thus offers the user a unique double-sided experience of gaining insight from the material and of personally reconstructing the physical order and interplay of meaning within the library, possibly inspired by the research of its contents. Which arguably mirrors some of the processes and desires also influencing artistic, critical, and curatorial practice.

    definitively provisional is less concerned with selection and completion; instead, its focus is the productive dramatization of the idea of the collecting individual. As such the library acts as a self-reflexive exploration of the production of meaning as an endless process. There will be no completion, no final library; we offer the forever interim, but exciting conclusions of both researchers of and researchers in definitively provisional.

    For further information please contact curators Cecilia Canziani (Italy) +44 (0)781 775 4578,
    or Kristine Nielsen (Denmark) +44 (0)779 160 7221 or email definitively_provisional@yahoo.co.uk.