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  • Photo Documentation: Exhibitions arranged by project space IDEBOXING

    Object, 147 index cards with schematic computer manipulated photos and titles of books from Unpacking My Library “The Library of Zoological Reading Society”. Also a written fiction.

    Presented with the project space IDEBOXING at: Stockholm Artfair, Sweden 2003 & Overgaden, Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, 2003. Randers Artmuseum, Randers, & AROS – Århus Artmuseum, Århus, DK, 2004. The people in IDEBOXING invited artists to develop conceptual works for boxes (9 x 9 x 4,5 cm). 75 artists presented works in this as a total archive at different exhibitions arranged by IDEBOXING. In my archive-box people could browse through a whole book collection from the fictitious Library of a Zoological Reading Society. Criteria for the collection were that each book had words of animals within the title. Within the box you also found a written text about the library. Installation view from Stockholm Artfair and Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art:

    Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art

    Examples of prints in my work: