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    Kulture flash 146
    08 | 12 | 05

    Tate Modern
    [day and night on Summer St. by Tate Modern]
    Bankside, SE1 T:020.7887.8888 Tube: Southwark/Blackfriars

    People and places leave traces that may make their way to local archives as historical documents, ready for sampling. Elsebeth Jorgensen and Pia Ronicke dug into Southwark Local History Library and made a 100m long black and white montage from various photos, newspaper clippings, street plans, council diagrams and quotes from a novel about the area. There are awkward details about missing trees, traffic in Rye Lane, and a note about two Polish officers who successfully ran a mushroom farm in a bomb site after the war.

    Though interesting, this bulletin montage is only the surface of the project — like a screen dump from an ongoing process. To engage different people in collective reproduction, the artists work with the local Community Film Club and will later publish a newspaper. The project was initiated by EDF Energy, who set up the very hoardings around their tunnel construction site. Supported by Tate and A&B, the corporation invited the artists to deliver a process rather than a product — because they wanted to be a good neighbour, enliven the hoardings, create community participation and stimulate local debate in an area undergoing change.

    This is art in effect; this is what Nicolas Bourriaud would call relational aesthetics or postproduction.

    NB: Unofficial Deposited Records is on view from 25th November 2005 —>