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    Installation with backside or frontal video-projection on pilled up cardboard-boxes. Amount of boxes depends on the size of the space. Bench. Still-Image movie / Animation-loop (200 still-images). DVD. Dur.: Sound loop is about 40 minutes and the video loop about 20 minutes. Audio in loudspeakers or headphones.

    The video and sound installation “Unpacking My Library III: Love Affairs Of A Bibliomaniac” is the third chapter of a project in which I question how memory is produced – both by individuals and by the culture. The work is a kind of re-collection of book spaces and re-construction of stories linked to this issue.
    The installation is a kind of semi-archive consisting of juxtapositions of image- and sound fragments. The video contains 200 still images from my photo archive and looks more like a slide show than a film. All the images represent library spaces that are either private or off-limits to the public: Home libraries of booklovers, book cellars in antiquarian bookshops and the stacks of public libraries where only staff are allowed to enter. Some images have also been photographed from books. I transformed the photos into schematic black-and-white images, which now more resemble drawings or photocopies than photographs.

    The sound is a voice-over. It is a re-reading and a cut-up version of Eugene Field’s story “Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac”, 1895, about the activity of book collecting and how we find our way around both in private and historical libraries. Images and sound develop a non-linear story, which constantly shifts meaning because the two elements have different durations and are not synchronized. The sound is 40 minutes and the video 20 minutes. It is not necessary to watch/listen sequentially as it is possible to enter different small parts of the story.

    “Unpacking My Library III: Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac” is constructed as a storeroom, a semi-archive, containing a large number of closed boxes. You sit in near-darkness, on a bench, listening to a very calm voice, which gives you a sense of being read aloud to. You hear fingers turning the pages of a book and a person’s breathing in pauses in the reading. The stacks of boxes aim to create a compact and safe or, perhaps, claustrophobic atmosphere, where your attention is turned towards the boxes on which the still-image movie is projected. Here the images float and fade. And meanwhile, listening to the sound, you might experience yourself falling into a contemplative state of mind - exactly as if you were reading a book.

    “Unpacking My Library III: Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac” has been presented at exhibitions:

    - “What Is Important?” - 3rd Ars Baltica Triennial of Photographic Art.
    - Malmö Konsthall, S. 2005.
    - Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, LT. 2004.
    - Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, EE. 2004.
    - Pori Art Museum, Pori, FIN. 2004.
    - Former Building of the Riga City Council, Riga, Latvia. 2004.
    - Stadtgalerie Kiel, D. 2003.
    - Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus Schloss Plueschow, D. 2003.
    - Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, N. 2003.
    - “Posters, videos and other stuff”, Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona, E. 2004.
    - “Spheres of Valency”, Pálffy Palace, Bratislava City Gallery, Slovakiet. 2003.
    - “Samlinger”, Gallery Image, Århus, DK. 2003.
    - “Exit 2002″, Graduating show, Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand, Cph. DK. 2002.

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