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    ”Whenever I see a book that bears its owner’s plate I feel myself obligated to treat that book with special consideration. It carries with it a certificate of its master’s love; the bookplate gives the volume a certain status it would not otherwise have. Time and again I have fished musty books out of bins in front of bookstalls, bought them and borne them home with me simply because they had upon their covers the bookplate of their former owners.”

    ”Lafcadio Hearn once wrote a treatise upon perfumes, an ingenious and scholary performance: he limited the edition to fifty copies and published it privately - so the book is rarely met with. Curiously enough, however, this author had nothing to say in the book about the smells of books, which I regard as a most unpardonable error, unless, properly estimating the subject to be worthy of a separate treatise, he has postponed its consideration and treatment to a time when he can devote the requisite study and care to it.

    ”We have it upon the authority of William Blades that books breathe; however, the testimony of experts is not needed upon this point, for if anybody be sceptical, all he has to do to convince himself is to open a door of a bookcase at any time and his olfactories will be greeted by an outrush of odors that will prove him beyond all doubt that books do actually consume air and exhale perfumes.”