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  • Photo Documentation: Exhibition, ZOO

    During 3 months, spring 2002 I collected 300 books for a public presentation about a fictitious library of a Zoologcal Reading Society. 300 books were installed in a house in ZOO, Copenhagen at the exhibiton “BRØL”. 2002.

    Normally the 1. floor of this house in the ZOO functions as a hotel for guests from abroad who are visiting ZOO because of conferences or meetings with the staff. In the window upstairs I installed a lamp, stuffed animals and turned books inside as if it was an active reading room. The ground floor is normally a kind of storeroom. Here I filled up the window with 300 books in the same title category: Each book contained words of animals within the title. Visitors in the ZOO couldn’t enter the house, but could read the titles from outside. In a catalogue you could read a text about a Zoological Reading Society.

    The story is a fiction. It explains the history behind a Zoological Reading Society and it’s library. Within, it says that you have to be a member of the reading-society if you want too use the library and you can’t enter the house in daytime because the library is only open at night when the ZOO is closed. The fiction of The Library of Zoological Reading-Society is told as if it is a real institution working with scientific goals and collaborating with the Zoo about the preservation of nature.