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  • Photo Documentation: Exhibition, Århus Kunstbygning

    Installation. ”Unpacking My Library IX: The Library of Zoological Reading Society” at the exhibition: “Selvskrevne Stier / Jeg Pakker mit Bibliotek Ud”. Also in the exhibition in another room: Artist and writer Claus Handberg Christensen. Arr. By Lasse Krogh Møller, Århus Kunstbygning, Århus, DK, 2005

    The installation is about the story of a Library of a Zoological Reading Society. I wrote the story as a fiction for a show in ZOO in Copenhagen, 2002. In this work different elements are put together to create a spatial montage of sound, photographs, book objects and video. All referring to a historical library.
    - You could hear the story in headphones, told by a female voice.
    - 300 books were compiled at the floor in groups. All had in their title words of animals.
    - 15 C-prints were hanging on the wall. All from various book spaces that have in common that they are not accessible for the public.
    - Video loop in the monitor pictured a walk through an enormous book storage, where we follow a character photographing the space.