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  • Photo Documentation: Exhibition, The Brander Museum

    Site related exhibiton. Installation with found objects, documents & photos/videos from inside the closed down cinema in Huntly. Installed inbetween the other exhibition cases with local historical artefacts from Huntly. Based on research in Huntly 2005-06.
    Museum exhibition cases with artefacts, documents and memorabilia from the cinema in Huntly.
    The former screen from the cinema and a collector box. Photos of former staff, collected documents found inside the cinema and donated by local inhabitants. Manager’s reports, letters, film screening books from the projection room and articles from newspaper archives. 2 still-image movies on monitors (DVD): 1 with my photographs from inside the cinema in Huntly. 1 about brinning out the objects from the cinema to the archive Aberdeenshire Heritages registration in Mintlaw to The Brander Museum. 1 Audio CD; Recordings with former projectionist Gordon McTavish telling stories during a film screening at The Stewarts Hall which was 1 of 3 public cinema evenings in this project.
    At the opening day also installation & performance at The Stewarts Hall + Outdoor video projection onto the facade of the former cinema in Huntly.