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  • Photo Documentation: Exhibition, The Stewarts Hall

    Installation & performance, 27th April, 2006. Based on research in Huntly 2005-06:
    - Video projection, with unveiling of still images from inside the former cinema in Huntly.
    - 16 mm film, screened by Gordon McTavish, projectionist at the former cinema in Huntly.
    - Speeches by me and projectionist Gordon McTavish.
    - 3 TV monitors with still-image and zoom-videos, produced of collected material from archives and people in Huntly.
    - Magic Lantern and stage lights.
    - Laminated prints of articles from newspaper archives about the cinema in Huntly.
    - Silent movie music, performed by pianist.
    - Ice cream.
    At the opening day also installation & exhibition at The Brander Museum + Outdoor video projection onto the facade of the former cinema in Huntly.